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  • Named One of  “Atlanta’s Top 100 Best Restaurants”

    by The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

  • Named “Best New Restaurant in Atlanta”

    by Jezebel.

  • “Atlanta’s star restaurateur Ford Fry dazzles Buckhead with his latest seafood palace, a dramatic three-story room featuring reclaimed woods in every shade, white-tiled columns, and a 20-seat marble bar. Savvy dishes skew both Asian (sashimi-like cobia crudo with trout roe, horseradish, and salt-and-vinegar chips) and European (smoky octopus with an Italian bean salad, cured tomato, and an aromatic sprinkling of oregano).”

    Southern Living. The New Atlanta.

  • Named One of the “Top 5 Most Exciting Restaurants on the Year”

    by The Atlantan.

  • “… Once in a blue moon, we’re simply blown away … the accolades have been pouring in from across the country. We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: Fry’s on fire.”


  • “You can walk into Buckhead’s St. Cecilia and simply be swept into its maelstrom … The clamor, the pace, the crowd’s unflappable confidence: This is the restaurant of the moment.”

    Atlanta Magazine.

  • “[The] octopus may vie for the coveted title of best cephalopod in the Southeast, so crunchy are its tentacles and tender-chewy its meat, so perfect its salad of cured tomatoes and mixed Italian beans. You know that feeling when you think about a dish and immediately want it again? Yep, that.”

    The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

  • “Certain restaurants embody a city’s culinary trends. Right now, ‘St. Cecilia is where you’ll find Atlanta.’”

    The Week.

  • “Fry is an artist at the top of his craft, and his newest offering is a magnum opus of sorts, a culmination of his unique brand of culinary nuance. If Fry’s career is a symphony, St. Cecilia is a bold finale to an exquisite first movement. And, we can’t wait for the rest of the concert.”

    The Atlantan.